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Our Lifesaving Operations

Beach Lifesaving Patrols

Emergency Response

Event Lifesaving

Lifesaving Patrols

Beach patrols are conducted on weekends and public holidays by volunteer lifesavers from November through until April.

Patrol dates are as follows;

2023/24  Patrol hours:

Dates to be advised - Weekend Patrols

NOTE there will be no patrol on 25.12.23

A patrol area of about 50m, between the red & yellow flags is generally set north and south of the clubrooms. This area is designated for swimmers and becomes a 'No Boating Zone' when patrolled


Lifesavers also conduct mobile and boat patrols over a wider area of Frankston Beach and south towards Mornington.


In addition, we will provide patrols during heatwaves, or when there are special events on the beach.

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