Nippers (Junior Surf Education)

Nippers is about learning, confidence and having fun in a safe beach environment. For Nippers, the beach is the classroom. They gain confidence by passing the ‘tests’ of swimming, body-boarding, beach sprints, dolphin-diving, spotting a rip, having fun with new friends and discovering things about themselves. 


At Frankston Life Saving Club we encourage parents to be involved, with opportunities to volunteer as; Age Managers, Officials, Water Safety and other Parent Helpers assisting set up and pack up, equipment care, BBQ and further social, event and fundraising activities, as well as the possibility of acquiring their Surf Rescue Certificate, Bronze Medallion and other awards.

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Welcome to the 2021/22 Lifesaving and Nippers season

FLSC nipper sessions run each Friday night from 5.30 - 6.30pm, after which we hold a family-friendly BBQ for all of our members and the upstairs function room is open, including the bar for adults. Our sunset view is spectacular!


FLSC Nippers 2021/22



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FLSC Nipper 20/21 Club Presentation

Club House on the Sand

19 Nov 5.30-6.30pm

FLSC Online Nipper

Information Session

26 Nov 6-7pm


Junior Skills Evaluations

(Prelim Swims)

Pines Swimming Pool

Under 6 to Under 13

4th Dec 2.30-3.30pm


5th Dec 10.30-11.30am.

(you must be registered to attend)

Nippers Start Date

Club House on the Sand

14 Jan 22

Nippers Final 2022 Session

Friday, 25th March 22 (TBC)

Nippers Presentation Night


Winter season offers alternative training and other social options.

Frankston Life Saving Club is committed to the Safeguarding of Children and Young People (SCYP).

It is imperative that we provide a safe and supportive culture for children and young people, focussing on fun, education and building the confidence of our people through positive learning and development. FLSC’s core values include being open, welcome and inclusive and building stronger and safer communities for everyone. FLSC empowers and expects all members, board members, affiliated Clubs, consultants, contractors and licensees, to create and maintain a safe culture for children and young people. FLSC is committed to reducing the risks of abuse and harm to children and young people, and will ensure all staff, members, affiliated Clubs, consultants, contractors and licensees understand and adhere to the SCYP Policy and Procedure, relevant legislation, and statutory requirements.

We commit to creating an environment for children and young people to be safe and to feel safe in any of our programs, activities or events.

Please refer to the more extensive Life Saving Victoria SCYP resources found at

More information...

Visit the Life Saving Victoria website for further information and resources about the Nippers program,  Water competency for Victorian children, and much more.

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