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Keeping the beach safe is our priority but it's not all that we do.  


Over the years our members have enjoyed considerable success in the competition arena, boasting numerous State champions and a world champion, in a range of disciplines.



There are Senior and Junior carnivals (inter-club competition) at ocean beaches, and one or two in the bay, around Victoria each season. They are usually held on Saturdays or Sundays, spread throughout the summer from December until the end of March. Carnivals are a great place to compete as an individual and in teams. 



While competitive they are taken with good humour and much encouragement.  Competitors and their families often enjoy a great weekend trip to the Victorian Surf Coast. 


Clubs earn points from placings at Aquatic Sport Carnivals and these points go towards an annual Premiership.  Winning clubs are awarded trophies or equipment at the end of the season.



Competition is offered in a number of different disciplines that not only assist members to maintain their life saving skills, but also provide children and adults with regular physical activity that incorporates fun and team work.  Events include land events such as sprints, flags, and relays plus water and craft events such as swim wades, run wades, board races, surf ski races and surf boat races. There are also rescue events such as reel and line, board rescue races, rescue tube races, rescue & resuscitation events and during winter, Inflatable Rescue Boat races or pool carnivals. 


Age groups in lifesaving are generally determined by the age that you are, as at midnight on the 30th September at the beginning of the season (ie if you are 9yo then you will be in the u/10 age group).  




More information on the types and rules of events conducted can be obtained by reading the 'Competition Handbook' downloadable from here



Note: Senior members must be qualified lifesavers and must complete a minimum number of patrol hours each season in order to compete at Senior and/or Masters Carnivals.


Competitor Safety


Surf Life Saving Australia (SLSA) is a peak water safety organisation, safety is our core business. Since 2010 there have been significant changes to the event management of our National titles to increase the safety of our competitors including:

   •Introduction of compulsory high visibility lycra vests for all competitors,

   •Venue selection criteria and

   •Onsite risk managers to assess the suitability of competition conditions who have the authority to suspend any event on the spot.


As we have stated publicly before: safety is paramount for SLSA. It always has been and always will be.

The following additional safety initiatives have been implemented over the last few years

   •All surf boat rowers and sweeps must wear helmets. 

   •All surf lifesavers operating inflatable rescue boats both on patrol and in competition must wear lifejackets.

   •All competitors at the Australian Surf Life Saving Championships must hold the SLSA Bronze Medallion with Certificate II in Public          Safety (Aquatic Rescue)


Members qualify to attain their bronze medallion from the age of 15 years.  SLSA will be developing an U15 National Championship which will have age specific safety conditions.


While surf lifesavers and lifeguards will do everything in their power to keep beaches safe, we cannot guarantee the beach or surf is 100 per cent safe.  We are dealing with the ocean and tragically accidents or injury can occur even in a patrolled area.  Safety of our members, and the public, is first and foremost.  The organisation will only introduce new safety equipment and measures that do not pose any secondary risks to our members.


These changes and tests are nothing new for our movement. Since 1907 we have continued to innovate, test and update our rescue equipment, from the belt and reel to the inflatable rescue boat and we will continue to do this in the future.


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