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Frankston Beach Patrols

Frankston Life Saving Club provides the Frankston community with Beach Patrols between November - April (usually 12.00PM - 5.00PM) weekends and public holidays. 


We use a range of equipment to be able to cover the long beach. We use Inflatable Rescue Boats, All Terrain Vehicles and Rescue Jet Skis.


At Frankston Beach we conduct a high number of rescues each year as well as attend to medical incidents, more so than any other beach on Port Phillip Bay. Frankston Life Saving Club was labelled the 'Blackspot' due to a rise of aquatic related incidents and drownings over the past several years. Multiple tourist attractions just a short distance from Melbourne make Frankston Beach accessible and one of Victoria's most popular beaches over summer.


Patrol News

Become a Surf Life Saver in 3 easy steps.

Intentions to Patrol & Memberships


FLSC welcomes new and returning members who would like to patrol for the season at Frankston LSC.

Existing members wishing to patrol must register at the start of the season.


To complete the Lifesaver Patrol Member Register click this button


All members returning for the season need to complete their membership and payment on and follow the steps.


It is your individual responsibility to complete this and your payment.

For additional help go to the Membership page.

Membership invoices will be available at or emailed following the AGM.



Become a Member at

Frankston Life Saving Club 

 (Click the Membership tab on the main menu & follow the prompts)


          Register and attend a            SRC/ Bronze Medallion Course at Frankston Life Saving Club



Be assessed on what you have learnt. Then you are ready to join a patrol team and save lives.


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