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Welcome to Frankston Life Saving Club

Members Development (Training) Area

Our Presenters, Trainers and Assessors

Here at Frankston Life Saving Club (FLSC) we work hard to ensure we have some great people to pass on, not only the skills and knowledge needed to be a Life Saver, but also the wisdom and experience only experience and time will allow you to develop.

Our Team

Mr Craig Stoodley

FLSC Training Director, Events Manager

Trainer and Assessor (multiple skills)

Craig is our senior trainer and if there is a skill or technique in LSV he doesn't know then we would all be surprised,

In addition to his training and assessing roles, Craig has served in many roles in the club including President, Operations Director and more. His knowledge is encyclopaedic and we are lucky to have his skills available to us.

Mr Tim Cutrona

Club President

Training Officer (SRC and Bronze Medallion)

As well as being the visionary for our club, Tim has recently been awarded his Training Officer credentials. As part of the vision for Nippers-to-Senior-Patrol pathway, he has jumped in to ensure the step from Nipper to SRC is covered.

Mr Michael Bell

Trainer and Assessor (multiple skills)

Michael is one of the clubs longest active member with some 50 odd years of experience in life saving.

Michael is primarily involved in assessments. His wealth of knowledge is impressive and an asset to our club.

Mr Ash Presser

Trainer and Assessor (multiple skills)

Ash is our hot, young trainer combining extensive skill with plenty of passion for community service,

As well as his commitments to FLSC Ash has taken on a role with LSV, showing our younger members that there are no limits to what you can achieve if you want it.

Ms Lisa Mackey

Presenter (Age Manager)

A rush of energy and enthusiasm amongst the Nippers, Lisa is a steadfast regular at Nippers on Friday nights during the season.

Lisa has received her Age Manager Presenter Award and will be leading courses for any of our parents of Nippers who want to become more involved in their development.

Becoming a Presenter, Trainer and/or Assessor

Needless to say, we are alway looking to increase our ranks and provide more training to our members and members of clubs in our region of Kingston.

If you are interested in becoming qualified in LSV skills delivery, don't hesitate to contact us via the Training Director

The Bigger Picture

Frankston Life Saving Club (FLSC) is part of the much larger Kingston Area and we share the load with our fellow clubs in the Area.

Ranging from Moorabbin down to Carrum, the City of Kingston is a local government area in the south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne in Victoria. Its northern boundary lying approximately 15 km from the Melbourne city centre along the north-eastern shorelines of Port Phillip. It covers an area of 91 km² and has an estimated population of 134,626 people.

The clubs of Seaford LSC and Frankston LSC were assigned to Kingston Area in 2016 and it has been a time of change and challenges for the clubs. Overall, a positive time of growth for everyone.

Our Area Training Officer is Ms Catherine Paulsen, who can be reached via the Carrum Life Saving Club.

As a consequence of this change Frankston LSC is able to share its resources and training load with other clubs in our area.

In addition Life Saving Victoria runs a number of statewide training sessions, ensuring all members can maintain or develop skills, regardless of club size or people's availability.

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